Human-centred Design—a Healthcare Project Example | Human-centred Design for Instructional Designers

Do you want to know how human-centred design can improve your projects? Do you want to understand how our team of instructional designers applies it?

In this episode Kim asks Hannah questions about how to apply human-centred design to your projects. We use an example from the healthcare industry. Kim asks:
– Why should you put effort into a human-centred design approach for your tasks, projects and initiatives?
– What benefits can a healthcare service expect by considering the needs of their employees and/or their patients?
– How do you undertake a customer journey map?
– How do you complete a persona to understand your patient and your customers?
– Are there any other practical tools that you would recommend to help people apply human-centred design?
– Do you have any examples where you have been out and gone, “Wow, they actually have considered my needs and that’s why my experience was better?”

Here are the resources mentioned:
– Make My Persona by HubSpot:
– Redesigning Healthcare Services (we help you remove roadblocks between your services and your patients to improve your impact):


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