Human Centric Design 馃敟

Human factor research + design = Human Centric Design where human factors are his characteristics, his interests, his needs, his wants, etc. When all these factors are considered and a design is created considering all these factors that design is called Human Centric Design. Human Centric Design is divided into three phases Discovery, Design, and Development.

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* Human Machine Interaction Playlist:

Below are some sureshot exam topics covered:

* Norman’s Principals of Interaction:

* Norman’s 7 stages of action:

* 3 levels of processing:

* Goal Directed Design ( GDD ):

* GUI vs Web Page Design:

* Direct Manipulation:

* Windows ( GUI ):

* Text Messages:

* Design Goals:

* Organising Screen Elements:

* How to find screen complexity [ Numericals ]:

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0:00 Start
0:10 What is Human Centric Design
1:50 Benefits of Human Centric Design
There are three phases of Human Centric Design
3:10 Discovery phase
4:40 Design phase
5:50 Development phase

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