Importance of Human-centered design – Ipsita Ticku & Hussain Fakhruddin

Importance of Human-centered design – A discussion with Ipsita Ticku who works with Sydney, New South Wales, Australian govt. as a Design Strategist. She has been in the industry for over 14 years and Hussain Fakhruddin who is the CEO of Teksmobile who has been building technology products for over 15 years.

In this webinar we try to find out how important is human centered design. What are the different models like : Waterfall, Lean UX, Design Sprint, Dual Track – Double Diamond and more..

Here are some of the questions that were asked in the webinar :

– What exactly is Human Centered Design and where does UI/UX fit in?
– How important is Design in daily life?
– What are the various challenges faced by you in the whole concept of Human Centered Design adoption by clients/managers/end users?
– In your opinion, How has design evolved over the past few years? How do you see the growth of UI/UX in the coming years?
– How educated is the software industry to see the value in investing in a good UI/UX for their existing or new product.
– How would you execute a design strategy for a new startup or design transformation of a product ( like an SDLC of design ). Is there a design lifecycle that can be followed?
– Which are some of the best international designed UI/UX products that inspire you.
– How do you keep updating yourself?
– How does one convince client for taking the human centred approach? Any tips you’d like to share?
– What tips would you like to give to younger generation option for digital design career.
– Finally Rapid Fire:
– What’s your favourite font
– What’s your favourite brand’s logo
– What’s your favourite tool
– What’s your favourite website
– What’s your favourite app

Some of Ipsita’s Favourite websites: