Initiating Innovation Projects with Martina Skender

Starting a new project is hard, especially when it’s just an “idea.”

It can be hard to know the first steps in helping companies identify innovation opportunities and develop new products.

Martina Skender, Researcher & Innovation Strategist, will talk about her journey in innovation—from UX design and research to innovation consulting. She will share practical skills in initiating innovation projects that she learned throughout her career.

This talk about UX research and innovation strategy will cover:
-What do we mean when we say innovation project
-Practical tips to consider before starting an innovation project
-The role of UX research in innovation

About Martina
Do you have an “idea” but don’t know how to begin to build your business? Martina Skender is a design researcher and innovation strategist who can help you define that infamous MVP. She is also a lecturer at Innovation Design Management MA at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences and the founder of Innovator’s Toolbox.

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