Interaction Design Basics (I) | Easy Explanation with Examples | Lecture 12

Dear Students!
In Lecture 12: Basic of Interaction Design, we will get to know the fundamental concepts behind the designing of interaction designs. We will be covering following topics in this lecture:

00:22 Aj ki achi bat
00:57 What to Design?
10:20 The golden rules of design
15:50 The interaction design process
22:04 Requirements-What is required?
22:41 The details and analysis
26:04 What is Conceptual Design?
27:58 Iterations and prototyping
28:30 Implementation and Deployment
29:56 Know the user first
40:19 The main intention: User Focus
41:41 What is Cultural Probes?
47:50 What is Persona Designing?
53:33 What is Usage Scenarios?

Happy Learning