Interdisciplinary & Human-Centered Design: Participatory Design Approaches to Public Health Issues

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A human-centered and interdisciplinary lens can generate innovative solutions to public health challenges that are culturally appropriate, equitable, and inspire social change. Join Washington University Sam Fox School Assistant Professor Penina Acayo Laker for an exploration of this topic. Whether investigating the role of visual literacy when developing graphic tools to communicate the symptoms of malaria to residents of Kibera, Kenya, or designing stakeholder-informed messages to improve mental health awareness and decrease stigma in Masaka, Uganda, this talk focuses on the process of creating deliverables utilizing a human-centered approach. The talk highlights the importance of cultural awareness, community-engagement, and evaluation techniques as they apply to social impact work in the fields of healthcare and public health. This program was offered in partnership with the International Center for Child Health and Development and SMART Africa.

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