Investing in the Commons – Panel

As part of our series on decentralised economies in this event we will be exploring how decentralised tech is enabling new models for developing public services, commons infrastructure and investing for growing social and ecological value.

Decentralised economies now offer a new model for funding and incentivizing the development of common infrastructure – social, economic, technological or environmental – that previously did not exist. With new data sources we can now get a much more granular and independent assessment and verification of the impact of our actions and start to invest in beneficial outcomes in a much more transparent and potentially effective way.

In this event, we will explore how with the advent of Web3, individuals and communities can start to directly fund projects peer-to-peer towards developing and building their own public services through token economies. This is what we will discuss with Jeff Emmett – token engineering researcher at the Commons Stack – and Shaun Conway – founder of ixo.

Jeff Emmett
Jeff is a key member of Commons Stack working to build “commons-based microe-conomies to sustain public goods through incentive alignment, continuous funding and community governance… putting effective new tools in the hands of communities, enabling them to raise and allocate shared funds and make transparent decisions.”

Shaun Conway
Shaun is an international development specialist and focused on tackling wicked challenges through systems-thinking and technological innovation. He has a passion for designing and building ethical, data-driven technologies and systems that can positively transform human experience and improve well-being for millions of people. With ixo he and his team are working to build ” The Internet of Impact” – researching and building a new open-source model for sustainability.