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With over 40 years of hands-on industry experience, Joyce Bromberg is a workplace management expert specializing in human-centered design, setting the standard for how employees interact with their work environment. We were invited to sit down with Joyce in her home on Long Island, NY, a place that has become an escape for her and her husband, Carl, to restore from the busy life of NYC.

In this series, we explore Joyce Bromberg’s perspective on design, her influences, and the power of place can have in our world. For this video, we asked Joyce, “Why is human-centered design so valuable?”

“There is this punitive, angry way of thinking about work that has permeated the world since the 1900s. For the longest time, design was affected by the Industrial Revolution and the thinking of Frederick W. Taylor, who understood work as being an assembly line and you were to do only what you were told. This approach is not how you get the best out of people,” Joyce said.

As the world continues to globalize, creating work environments that support the mental and physical well-being of employees will be essential. Joyce believes creating non-hierarchical settings that empower people will allow us to focus on the critical problems society faces today.

“Sometimes, the designer’s role is to ask the hard questions. If you desire innovation, creative problem solving, and collaborative thinking in an organization, it can only be achieved if the culture of the place allows for it,” Joyce said.

Joyce understands that creating an experience, where the physical environment is the body language of an organization’s culture, doesn’t start with numbers. It starts with basic human needs.

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