Knowledge Management System in Notion – Introducing Vaults

In this video I introduce an effective Knowledge Management system for our Notion Life OS. This is the Vaults section of the Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults organizational structure for Notion. It enables both Personal Knowledge Management as well as Team Knowledge Management. It can be used as a stand-alone Knowledge Management setup, or it can plug into the full Vision/Project/Task management system we have been covering.

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Index Timestamps ⌚
0:00 Intro
4:20 Book Vault Quick Summary (Full Video Coming)
6:40 Media Vault Summary (Full Video Coming)
8:01 Training Course Vault Summary (Full Video Coming)
10:24 Notes & Ideas Vault Summary (Full Video Coming)
13:40 Knowledge Lab Vault Summary (Full Video Coming)
17:15 Integration of Notes/Ideas with Knowledge Lab
21:13 Quick Capture of Notes & Ideas

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