Learn with Tridib – Visual thinking for those who say they cannot draw!

This is an introduction to the Visual Thinking Course.
Welcome to our new Video, Visual Thinking for those who think that they cannot draw.

As children, we used to draw non-stop. Right on our walls, on our breakfast tables, on the paper napkins. Even we used to scribble naughty drawings about our teachers or friends on the blackboards to make them embarrassed. Haven’t we all done that? Well, at least some must admit. While mugging up important notes we used to organize each and every point as mind maps and imagery – why? Because these used to give us the pointers if we forget the mug-up in the exam hall.

But what happened when we grew up? We all wanted to be Picasso, Da Vinci, or Michelangelo with our drawings and when we found we were no way near to the masters, we all stopped drawing. Even scribbling on papers. We started telling ourselves “Drawing is not for grownups.” And what happened in that? We not only forgot to draw simple things, but we also forgot to imagine. To convey our BIG ideas in the board room or in front of a business investor.

While conducting workshops at various colleges, education institutes, or organizations I have come to hear several times that “I Can’t Draw.” I have also noticed that various wonderful ideas had hit the dust or didn’t get funding purely because the investors or the board members couldn’t visualize the idea in totality. It’s sad, isn’t it?

But the Good NEWS is that “We all can draw” in our subconscious mind. It is not about the quality of the drawing that we are talking over here. It is connecting with each other through your drawings. Ever wondered how “Cavemen” used to communicate without being able to speak? That’s the power of an image. After all, “Imagination” has the word image in it.

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