Learning and Thinking out loud – visual note taking and beyond

Nicki Hambleton: Learning 2 Leader Warsaw April 2017

We all love to learn, but how do you share, recall and build on all your learning? When you look back, how much can you remember? Have you ever wondered how to organize your notes or content more effectively? How do you or your students share learning with others?

Whether you prefer to work digitally or traditionally on paper, working more visually encourages information retention. What does it mean to “think more visibly”? You will learn the basics of creating visual notes, concepts, and maps and to encourage this, we’ll practice some “thinking routines” from Harvard’s “Making Thinking Visible” course. Together, we will uncover the mystery and techniques of visual note taking as we play with ideas to think and share learning more out loud. If you haven’t tried out Paper 53 or Adobe Draw, get ready to dive in and learn all about these wonderful apps to capture your thinking.
Get ready to be creative, to collaborate and to try out new skills or expand existing ones. You will have lots to take back to your classroom to help you, your students and colleagues to think, create and share more visually. Think you can’t draw? It doesn’t matter! There will be lots of hands on and fun ways to explore thinking and working more visually for all subjects. There will be games, laughter, sharing and hopefully no tears!
Combining visible thinking with powerful note taking will transform your own learning out of your head and onto the paper or screen.

Find out more at http://learning2europe.org/leaders/nicki-hambleton/ and on Twitter https://twitter.com/learning2