LEFA – New Generation Human-Centered Design Simulators

Human Machine Interaction and Virtual Engineering

This video is outcome of LEFA project, facilitated by FIMECC – Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster.

LEFA is to develop novel user centered R&D methods based on real-time virtual prototypes and environments for the mobile machines. By the novel methods and technologies to be developed within the project the usability, safety and life-cycle efficiency of the existing products of the participating companies are studied.

Goals for VTT research are:
– To improve field of view analysis in VR environment
– To integrate the Human Centered Virtual Concept Design approach to companies current design processes
– To improve human-machine interaction (HMI) by using VR systems

Partners: LUT (leader), VTT, Cargotec, Sandvik, MeVEA, FIMECC

Project full name: LEFA (New Generation Human-Centered Design Simulators for Life Cycle Efficient Mobile Machines)

(Video author: Sauli Kiviranta)