Leverage the Power of Visual Thinking with Todd Cherches, CEO & Co-Founder of BigBlueGumball

On Tuesday, March 30th at 4PM EDT, there will be a Chat with Matt featuring Todd Cherches, CEO & Co-Founder of BigBlueGumball.

Our topic will be: Why Financial Executives Need to Leverage the Power of Visual Thinking

VisuaLeadership [noun]:
The art and science of applying visual thinking and visual communication tools, tips, and techniques to management and leadership to help you turn your vision into reality.

If your vision is to become a better communicator and presenter, and a more innovative thinker, join Chat with Matt to hear Todd Cherches. We will talk about how to leverage visual thinking top help you be a more productive performer, manager, and a more visionary and inspirational leader. Our conversation will open your mind’s eye to a whole new world: The world of VisuaLeadership.

Todd will discuss four ways to be a more visual thinker:

Visual Imagery & Drawing
Mental Models & Frameworks
Metaphor & Analogy
Storytelling & Humor