Marker painting teaching🚀Graduate School of Visual Communication Design

✅In terms of design ideas, whether it is the expression of the historical architecture of the ancient capital of Luoyang culture, the expression of the inheritance of Luoyang character culture, and the expression of ancient cultural relics unearthed in Luoyang area, it is a very accurate way of thinking. Although it is a topic in Henan schools, there are certain regional factors in it, but for most candidates, many schools will appear similar to this unique cultural investigation about the area where the school is located. Everyone can pay more attention when practicing.
❤️The color of a large area uses yellow and the color of the ancient building itself, and the color of the masonry is also as far as possible to restore the original color. The overall color system is gray, the purpose is to better restore the true color of history and culture. The use of red echoes with small areas of greenery, creating a sharp contrast.