"Mastering Human-Centered Design-driven Innovation" | Advancing Healthcare Innovation Show

In this Episode of the Advancing Healthcare Innovation Show, “Mastering Human-Centered Design-driven Innovation”, we interview Anthony Gerardi, CEO of Insiteflow – EHR Integrated applications to transform clinical and financial results, combining insights with EHR automated workflow.

Anthony Gerardi is a healthcare executive with a proven track record developing and deploying innovative strategies to create new businesses, products, and solutions to drive organic growth and to fuel acquisitions, partnerships, and strategic investments. He has experience growing healthcare technology businesses, healthcare services, other healthcare segments, and other industries.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

*Some of the best innovations happen in red oceans where there is no lack of competition.
*Business Units: innovation for an existing product vs. innovations that really doesn’t fit anywhere else may be the next disruptive, groundbreaking solution
*Understanding multi-dimensional needs for all Stakeholders

Learn more about Insiteflow here: https://insiteflow.com/

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