Meet the Drawify Artist and visual storytelling expert Ben Crothers

Meet the Drawifier Ben Crothers, a designer, strategist, facilitator, visual thinker, and author.

“I’ve been in digital design (drawing) for about 25 years. I’ve drawn product user interfaces, storyboards, personas, conceptual models, and much more. I’ve been a keen sketchnote artist and a graphic recorder for a while now. My work uses simple drawing to help people make sense of complexity and ambiguity so that they can think better, solve problems, and just generally be more awesome together.”

“You will often see visual metaphors used in imaginative ways in my work. I also enjoy teaching visual thinking and visual communication skills, so many workshops that I run tend to raise the capability of whatever team I’m working with.”

😎Speaking about it, Ben will give us a free online workshop soon! Join him at the session “Create visual frameworks for better alignment and decisions”.
📅June 2nd, 10 am (CET)/ 6 pm (DST)
🆓Register now, it’s free:

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