MeetUp Human-Centered Design // How to Design an Extraordinary Customer & Brand Experience to Thrive

DISCOVER what makes an extraordinary brand experience
EVALUATE the current brand experience you create
DESIGN a positive (and even exceptional) brand experience
INFUSE positive brand experience into your brand’s DNA.

Because we have thousands of brand interactions every day, businesses are uniquely positioned to not only influence where we decide to spend our time and money but also how we connect human-to-human.

When 80% of CEOs believe they are nailing the brand experience but only 8% of their customers agree, this represents a powerful disconnect and yet an opportunity to reconnect in meaningful ways by designing and creating a positive brand experience. From the businesses I’ve run in the nursing home, luxury airline and gourmet food industries, I’ve seen firsthand the dramatic impact simple and transformative brand experience principles can have on our potential to thrive—to be more profitable and efficient, to build loyalty and ultimately, to increase happiness.

Join the journey to discover the secrets of extraordinary brand & customer experience and find the best tacos in the world:

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Scott Porter
Brand & Customer Experience Strategist, Speaker & Executive Advisor
Founder/Owner — San Diablo Artisan Churros

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