Mina Legnered Pecha Kucha Talk – Visual Thinking

“When I was around nine years old I was in my prime time of creativity. I used to write tons of stories and draw lots. I always had my pen case with me. With plenty of different types of pens and colors.

At 22 I went to the University and during those 4 coming years I became really good at writing essays, reports. I became a master of memorising large chunks of text.

I also became a master of forgetting. One reason being that I used to super study the night before, pass the exam and then three days later not even remembering half of it…”

In this talk named “Why don’t you remember?” I share a few facts about our memory and visual thinking. And what I’m doing today to innovate my brain and improve my own memory, and help others to remember what I said.


Video by: www.badcameraphotography.com