MIT Technology Review’s Future Compute Conference 2022

Johannes Gehrke, technical fellow and director of Microsoft Research’s Redmond lab, spoke at MIT Future Compute 2022, where IT and business leaders heard from a wide range of speakers across research and industry on the latest developments in computing and AI. In Johannes’ talk, excerpted below, he explored some of the work researchers at Microsoft are doing in large-scale modeling, deep learning, and molecular simulation, and applying that work to the fields of agriculture, climate change, and disease prevention, among others.

0:00 Introduction
1:42 Large-scale AI models and the future of software development workflows
3:44 Human-Centered AI and the Creative Process
10:39 Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Agriculture at Scale
13:46 AI and Precision Medicine
18:54 Climate Change and Microsoft’s Sustainability Goals
19:50 Microsoft’s Approach to Responsible AI
23:55 Harnessing Exponential Trends in Machine Learning
24:58 Machine Learning and Molecular Simulation

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