MS HCDE Capstone Presentation_W22- Work From Homies

[BeerSmith Refresh] completed by Georgia Freels, Andrea Photiou, Michael Steinbrenner

The first beer dates back to the 5th millennium B.C. For many home brewers, gone are the days of recipe calculations on tablet or even paper. Modern home-brewers use software like to guide them through their brewing experience. Although BeerSmith offers a working solution, there is still much to improve. Many new brewers struggle to pick up the hobby due to the complicated nature of the brewing software. Thus we’ve sought out to re-invent BeerSmith and refresh the software to be more user friendly for new brewers in terms of framework, function, graphic components, and integration with other technologies.

Capstone Project of MS in HCDE (Human-Centered Design & Engineering) program
Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
University of Michigan-Dearborn