Preventing the misuses of emerging technologies: What governance systems to put in place?

Preventing the Misuse of Emerging Technologies: What can be done and which governance system to put in place?


This event is part of the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Week
Rapid evolutions in the development of disruptive emerging technologies (synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and neuroscience among others) are giving rise to concerns over their potential misuses and malicious uses. These technologies’ impacts on international security, privacy, democracy and society at large are among the chief concerns. The need for governance in this field is urgent. There therefore is a necessity to raise awareness about the best practices and governance systems which can help prevent the technologies’ misuses and malicious uses. This discussion gathers a panel composed of the GCSP’s three Polymath Fellows in synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and neurosciences to discuss these issues.

00:00 Dr Jean-Marc Rickli, Head of Global and Emerging Risks, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

04:30 Dr Ricardo Chavarriaga, Head of CLAIRE Switzerland, Polymath Fellow, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
20:10 Dr Sandra Scott-Hayward, Senior Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast, Polymath Fellow, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
35:46 Dr Kevin Esvelt, Assistant Professor at MIT Media Lab and Polymath Fellow, Geneva Centre for Security Policy
46:18 : Closing Remarks