Professor Noël Conruyt on Human Centered Design and Technology

University of Reunion Island
Biodiversity Informatics towards Horizon 2020

Noël Conruyt is Associate Professor in Computer Science at the LIM Mathematics and Computer Science laboratory, Sciences and Technologies Faculty of Reunion University, Saint-Denis of La Réunion. Before joining Reunion University in 1994, he was a Ph.D. student at INRIA of Rocquencourt and University of Paris IX Dauphine, from where he also got my Ph.D. in Computer Science (Machine Learning and Symbolic-Numeric Data Analysis applied to the Knowledge Management of specialists in Biology). His research interests lie in Knowledge Engineering and Human Computer Interaction with an emphasis on co-design and social aspects of computing.

He is especially interested in user-centered approaches related to environmental management for sustainable development, in which biodiversity informatics is a central concern for better protection of our heritage: we only protect what we better know