Re-Humanizing the Clinical Trial Experience

Over the past two years, clinical trials have been in the spotlight as our best way to end the global pandemic. This brought unprecedented interest in research, which drove the never seen before speed of clinical trial execution.

But as we begin to emerge on the other side through the success of the innovation in vaccines, trust in pharma is beginning to wane to pre-pandemic levels and the interest in clinical trials is receding. This highlights the need to re-examine the clinical trial experience for patients if we are to finally succeed in solving the trial-trust challenges impacting the speed of bringing drugs to market.

In this 45 minute webinar, Alex Charge, Rosemary Lakeru, Dr. Liz O’Riordan, Dr David Gillen, Emma Sutcliffe, and Erica Henninger discuss:

– The need to connect with the human behind the patient, by understanding their preferences in their lived environment and in their community, including the local HCP network as key in raising awareness about clinical trials as a trusted voice.

– The tools and solutions in behavioural and communication science, enabled by digital, marketing & advertising social science capabilities, that in combination are needed to bring our industry’s engagement with patients closer.

– How we can combine to bring the patient back into the heart of the trial and formulate a patient-driven model of engagement