Season 6 Episode 11- Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris Wangsadihardja, otherwise known as Tobias Harris W., speaks with Maia on his 15+ years of leadership in Human to Environment Interaction design and his proven expertise in experiential design for global brands. His unique approach to creating a memorable physical and emotional brand experience is based on his deep love of the art of living life, where aspiration is balanced with reality to achieve greatness. Tobias has worked on projects for major national and international companies and retailers such as Coca-Cola, Hilton Worldwide, Samsung, Serta, Target, 5/3 Bank, McDonald’s, KFC, Chick-Fil-A, Pizza Hut, Busch Worlds of Discovery-Dubai, and Hershey Chocolate World, and now wants to explore how human centered experience principles that are so integral to successful retail designs can be applied to homes, products, and other everyday interactions.