Sketching: The Visual Thinking Power with Mike Rohde (MSOE Lecture Series)

This is a recording of a workshop I led with MSOE User Experience + Brew City UX on sketching as a powerful tool for thinking. Grab a pen or pencil and some paper, and follow along with the sketching exercises in this video!

Mike Rohde, author of Sketchnote Handbook and Sketchnote Workbook, will be presenting Sketching: The Visual Thinking Power. Mike is excited to share why sketching can be beneficial to everyone and why it has been so critical in his design career. During his presentation, Mike will share samples of sketches, provide helpful resources, and will invite attendees to participate in a sketching activity. Mike’s goal is to encourage you—whether you’re a designer, front-end developer, coder, writer or whatever you may be—to add sketching to your toolkit.

Make sure to read: “Sketching: The Visual Thinking Power”

Sketching: the Visual Thinking Power Tool

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This presentation is part of the Experience Design Lecture Series, brought to you by MSOE’s User Experience (UX) program in partnership with Brew City UX. Check back for more details and information on future presentations.

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