Sona Visual Effect Update Comparison – All Affected Skins | League Of Legends

Majority of Sona’s skins got a VFX update, heres a comparison of them new vs old.
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All skins apart from PsyOps received some tweaks.

00:00 Classic Sona
01:29 Pentakill Sona
02:53 Silent Night Sona
04:17 DJ Sona Kinetic
05:57 DJ Sona Concussive
07:18 DJ Sona Ethereal
08:47 Arcade Sona
10:11 Sweetheart Sona
11:36 Odyssey Sona – Minimal Tweaks (Riots words not mine)
13:00 Guqin Sona
14:24 Muse Sona
15:49 Pentakill 3 Sona – Minimal Tweaks
17:13 I forgot to delete this clip lol