Systems Thinking for Happy Staff and Elated Customers – with Simon Copsey

Every organisation has problems to overcome. At first glance they seem daunting: software bugs, financial issues, staff troubles, operational woes.

However: what if all these problems weren’t disconnected, but actually stemmed from the same underlying cause? What if – by tackling that underlying cause – we could make all those obstacles disappear in one go? And, what if it was surprisingly simple to find that underlying cause?

This talk draws on the Theory of Constraints and aims to provide you with the tools you need to understand and uproot the cause of complex, cross-functional problems that cause widespread pain and all too often go unaddressed.

Simon is a Lead Transformation Consultant at OpenCredo, and is on a mission to help organisations understand and unwind complex, cross-functional obstacles that get in the way of their staff, and reduce the ability to serve their customers.

Simon’s career has taken him from being a developer in the trenches to helping various organisations take pragmatic steps from a place of chaos and paralysis, to one where it becomes a little easier to see the wood for the trees.