Tammy Glazer & Emily Miller- Data Science and Human Centered Design

This is Tammy Glazer and Emily Miller’s presentation from the WiDS Puget Sound Conference 2021. Enjoy!

Social impact cannot be achieved by measuring a bottom line number or optimizing one function. Drawing on a case study of gender-specific barriers to digital financial service use, we outline a powerful new interplay of data science and human-centered design to improve products, outcomes, and lives.

Tammy Glazer is a Data Scientist at DrivenData, where she brings best practices in machine learning and crowdsourcing to mission-driven organizations. Tammy previously worked as an Analytics Consultant with Tableau Software and oversaw data quality assurance for impact assessments in Senegal and Liberia under President Obama’s Feed the Future initiative. She holds a master’s in Computational Analysis and Public Policy from the University of Chicago.

Emily Miller is a Senior Data Scientist at DrivenData, where she helps mission-driven organizations leverage the power of data science and machine learning to maximize their impact. She is one of the creators of deon (https://deon.drivendata.org/), a command line tool that aims to make data ethics actionable and practical for data scientists. She is passionate about using data for social good and has previously worked at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Stanford Center for International Development, and Brookings Institution. She holds a master’s in International Development from The New School and a data science certificate from Metis.