Teaching Digital Sketching in the Classroom with Damian Parker

The Big Draw and Concepts App present Teaching Digital Sketching in the Classroom with Damian Parker.

Are you looking to teach digital sketching in your classroom? Ideal for arts and design teachers yet open to all, check out the recording of Apple Educator and Designer, Damian Parker’s workshop and learn how to get started with digital sketching and introduce it to your students.

In the workshop, you’ll learn:

A set of digital sketching tools for your classroom
How to start teaching digital sketching in the classroom
Some great sketching exercises to build your students’ skills and confidence
How to draw and add color to your own Mario character

With Damian’s techniques, you’ll learn how to help your students gain confidence in their drawing and more creatively succeed with their learning goals.

Check out more of Damian’s work and interviews on his Concepts Creator profile: https://concepts.app/en/creators/damian-parker

The Big Draw is an international charity invested in creating positive change for communities through drawing, visual literacy, and creative confidence. Concepts and The Big Draw are delighted to bring our creators and ideas together. We will be stepping forward to promote sketching and visual literacy, share insightful creative workflows, highlight artists and designers around the world, and create a positive impact through drawing and creative thinking.

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