The Design Thinking Process – An Introduction

What is design thinking? How does design thinking function as both an ideology and a process, and how can it help in answering complex problems for your organization or clients? In this video we’ll give you a complete introduction to the design thinking process!

We’ve teamed up with designer, writer, and digital nomad Camren Browne to bring you the ultimate introduction to design thinking, with this excerpt being taken from a recent CareerFoundry live event on the topic!

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Video Chapters / Timestamps:

(00:00) Intro
(00:28) Overview of Design Thinking
(02:45) The Design Thinking process
(03:30) Phase 1 – Empathize
(06:06) Phase 2 – Define
(07:50) Phase 3 – Ideate
(10:30) Phase 4 – Prototype
(13:20) Phase 5 – Test
(15:10) Outro

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The Design Thinking Process – An Introduction (2021)