The ISO knowledge management standard explained

APM Knowledge Specific Interest Group (SIG)
Wednesday 10 January 2018

presented by Judy Payne, SIG Co Chair
hosted by Martin Fisher, SIG Co Chair

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Content description:
Knowledge management (KM) is a discipline concerned with how organisations create and use knowledge. In practice it is often poorly understood and confused with information management – a missed opportunity! In recognition of this, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has appointed a working group of leading international KM experts and is developing the first ever international standard on KM, due 2018.

The purpose of the standard, which has been published as a draft for comments, is to help organisations understand what KM is and how to approach it. The standard represents current good practice in KM.

This webinar looked at what the international KM experts have to say about KM and how to do it.

Judy Payne, Knowledge SIG Co-chair and member of the ISO working group that has drafted the standard, introduced it and covered the following points:
– What is the status of the standard?
– Why is the standard needed?
– What are the key messages in the standard?
– Why are the messages in the standard different from the KM entry in the APM Body of Knowledge?
– What does the standard mean for PPM professionals?

The standard is protected by copyright, so the content details were not shared during the webinar.