Thinking Visual – Curated by Jennie Guy

Artist and curator Jennie Guy proposes a new type of art-school residency within Blessington Community College, where artists John Beattie and Sven Anderson work with transition year students exploring activities that lie between producing new artworks and developing conceptual frameworks.

This residency provides a unique experience for both the students and the school to focus on this process-driven phase of contemporary art production, highlighting vital links between the artist as researcher and students as inventive learners. John Beattie gives a focus to moving image work and Sven Anderson evolves sonic and scultptural frames of reference with the students.

These residencies were supported through Thinking Visual, an arts-in-education initiative organised by Wicklow County Arts Office in collaboration with Mermaid Arts Centre. Thinking Visual provides secondary school students from various locations around the county with access to first-hand experiences of contemporary art and contemporary practitioner’s processes.

Jennie Guy will be working with the Wicklow Arts Office and the Mermaid Arts Centre to curate two more residential series, in 2015 and 2016.

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