Understanding cognitive bias and Human-Centered Design

Talk on Instagram with Raheel Waqar, CEO and founder of White Rice, about “Human-Centered Design and Cognitive Biases”.

Raheel works at the intersection of design and change. He is the CEO and founder of White Rice, a behavior design agency, tackling some of the most wicked social problems by applying behavioral science, human-centered design, and system-level thinking.

Raheel is a certified Behavioral Designer, Design Thinker, and a Social Impact Strategist. He actively pursues opportunities aimed at behavior and social change by working closely with social enterprises, non-profits and businesses. Raheel has helped massify impact for organisations like the European Commission, Oxfam, ICRC, Johns Hopkins CCP, Sightsavers, WaterAid and various UN agencies.

He is also a recipient of the Australian Business Leadership Excellence Award and was selected as Asia’s top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 by the Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship. He actively contributes to his field by serving as an advisor, mentor, trainer, board member and consultant for local and international institutions.

Many interesting subjects were explored such as what is Human-Centered Design and how to apply empathy into projects, White Rice study cases, cognitive bias such as anchoring, confirmation, and others, and much more.

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