Visual Jam Meetup: Brandy Agerbeck – Value of Organizing Visually Hosts: Grant Wright & Paddy Dhanda

Brandy wants you to stop treating yourself like a recording device, and to bring true organization and meaning to you and your client’s work. She’ll share her Visual Organization Scale (VOS), a model created to create a clear reference of the levels of visual organization from good ol’ text lists to highly synthesized imagery.

In this hands-on session, you will:
• Assess what parts of the VOS you already excel at, and where you want to develop
• Learn how different events and content take different shapes
• Get Brandy’s best practices on how to make your visual thinking more integrated and cohesive.

Brandy Agerbeck demystifies drawing so you can grasp visual thinking to shush your inner critic, erase overwhelm, think clearly, tackle problems, craft communications, and map out your next great accomplishment. In 2016, Brandy published The Idea Shapers: the power of putting your thinking in your own hands, an approachable and engaging visual thinking guide based on her 2013 TEDx Talk, Shape Your Thinking. Cultural analyst Patricia Martin calls The Idea Shapers, “A new alphabet for the visual age.”
Brandy teaches internationally, and her core online visual thinking course, The Agerbeck Method, brings together learners from 44 countries — so far. Find all of her resources at

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