Visual thinking: 4 ideas for the K-12 classroom (featuring One by @Wacom)

Are your students memorizing content for your tests and immediately forgetting what they learned?

These four visual thinking activities are a great way to help students internalize complex ideas and improve their recall.

Throughout this video you will see me using the One by @Wacom drawing tablet. This is one of the first drawing tablets that works with a Chromebook!

You can purchase the One by Wacom here:

Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro
0:29 Google Slides concept map
2:21 Gitmind
3:59 @Prezi
5:46 Jamboard

Additional Resources:
– Review: One by Wacom:
– Google Slides template:
– GitMind:
– Jamboard template:
– Mapping concepts creatively:
– 5 Jamboard activities with templates:
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