Visual Thinking: A key to Clear Communication

Visual thinking is a great skill set to develop in order to become a better communicator.

Currently, what kind of thinker are you?

Trick question, most of us are visual thinkers. The mind thinks in pictures.

Visual think vs verbal think is much different. Both serve a role in learning, teaching, and communicating. However, a lack of visual thinking exercises from kindergarten to higher classrooms has been prevalent.

Visual thinking for business, for design, and for life should be taught in a higher level. In this video, I share a few visual thinking exercises.

3 of them include:
1. Practice visualization
2. Learn in-depth topics rather than surface level.
3. Teach.

This 3 step formula will connect you back with the roots. That’s how the fundamentals are built to go beyond verbal thinking alone.

And this 3 step formula will help you install visual thinking routines to simplify the thinking processes of the mind.

The mind is a wonderful tool, but a poor master. It’s meant to be a servant. When the awareness can command the mind how to do visual thinking through visual thinking strategies, that’s when power is gained.

Simplify your communication skills.
And become might with words my controlling your visual thinking skills.

0:00 Intro
0:32 Role of Visual Thinking in our Lives
1:22 Purpose of this Video
2:51 Strategy 1 for Visual Thinking
4:30 Strategy 2 for Visual Thinking
8:03 Strategy 3 for Visual Thinking
9:48 Outro

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