Visual Thinking as a Sense Making Tool

I had the pleasure to be a guest at Visual Jam organized by Grant Wright and Paddy Dhanda (check this meetup group at and gave a talk on visual thinking as a sense-making tool.

0:00 Introduction
2:16 I shared my personal journey of becoming a visual thinker and what effect battle maps had on me. I mention the battle of Cannae, you can read more about this historical event on Wikipedia:
11:19 Then I spoke about DIKW (data-information-knowledge-wisdom pyramid and mentioned the ideas influenced by Ralph Ammer – here is his blog and a particular blog post I mentioned in my talk –
21:12 Then the conversation took us to decision making loops such as PDCA (plan-do-check-act) by Dr. W. Edwards Deming and OODA (observe-orient-decide-act) by John Boyd – you can read more about it here –
29:35 Finally, I mention Wardley Maps by Simon Wardley (find his book free to read on Medium to learn more about Wardley Maps here – and then I show how an organizational complexity could be approached using visual thinking and the elements of the puzzle I built up throughout the narrative.

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