Visual Thinking for Impactful Design | Prasad Khose, Founder, CRAYOMI

Humans are visual creatures. Our brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster and remembers visuals better than any text or verbal communication. As someone building products or aspires to build world-class products, it helps to develop an understanding that everything around us is made up of a few basic shapes, which are visual alphabets.

Listen to Prasad Khose, Founder, CRAYOMI, as he speaks on the topic, “Visual Thinking for Impactful Design.”

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Table of Contents (powered by
0:00:00 Visual Thinking for Impactful Design
0:00:06 Introduction to the Speaker
0:01:34 Sharing Experience
0:05:24 What’s the plan?
0:06:18 Let’s discuss what you already know
0:07:05 How do you dream?
0:08:00 Harry Potter
0:09:25 How do you find parking, washrooms, elevators in malls?
0:10:15 Humans are visual creatures
0:12:30 Video
0:12:55 What is Visual Thinking?
0:13:16 Vision
0:13:40 Visual Thinking
0:14:17 Physical and Mental Health
0:14:24 Challenge & Rewarding
0:15:58 Why
0:25:08 How
0:34:53 [Demo] 0:51:19 Where it can be used
0:55:16 Hand is mightier than the mouse
0:56:45 Thank you
0:56:58 Q&A
1:04:02 Champion of Curiosity
1:04:07 Certificate of Appreciation
1:04:34 Institute of Product Leadership