Visual Thinking Is…

This is an animated explainer video, made to be an introduction to show what visual thinking is, showing examples of types of visual thinking, benefits of visual thinking and promoting the VizThink community.

Think Visually!


Written and produced by Jeff Bennett, Digital Splash Media,
Motion graphics and animation by Jeff Bennett, Digital Splash Media,
Licensed under Creative Commons License:
Download the video to show at your VizThink group or to promote visual thinking at any event or meeting
Music: “Home Tonight” – DoKashiteru, Creative Commons License,
Examples and Graphics Sources
Graphic Recording example courtesy Sunni Brown,
Data Visualization example courtesy GapMinder,
Sketchnotes example courtesy Mike Rohde,
Sketchnotes example courtesy Eva-Lotta Lamm,
Diagram example Karen Bennett
Infographics example – Density Design via Creative Commons License
Information Design example – infographica animata via Creative Commons License
VizThink logo courtesy VizThink
Light bulb pictogram Olivier Guin, from The Noun Project
Thought Bubble pictogram Alex Bakker from The Noun Project
VizThink NYC photos courtesy Steve Cherches
Other assorted visual thinking examples via Creative Commons License