Webinar: How A Human-Centered Design Approach Might Transform Schools

“How A Human-Centered Design Approach Might Transform Schools”

Across the nation, district and school leaders are shifting towards practices that are equitable, fair, and create favorable outcomes for students who have historically been marginalized. Many schools and district leaders, educators, practitioners, and other key stakeholders still have questions about how to thoughtfully design and transform schools. In this session, participants will receive an introduction to design-thinking and the human-centered design approach.

Dr. Byron McClure is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who redesigned a high school in Southeast, D.C. His work centers around influencing change and ensuring students from high-poverty communities have access to a quality education.

Dr. McClure has extensive knowledge and expertise in mental health, social-emotional learning, and behavior. Dr. McClure has done considerable work advocating for healing-centered practices for all students, particularly, for African-American boys. He has designed and implemented school-wide initiatives such as SEL, restorative practices, MTSS, and trauma-responsive practices. Dr. McClure created Lessons For SEL, in which he designed SEL lessons where youth of color (especially Black males), as well as students who are LGBTQ, homeless, in the foster care system, and from high-poverty communities could see themselves represented.

Dr. McClure helped his school win the 2019-2020 Whole Child Award. He has presented across the country as a panelist, featured, and keynote speaker. He believes in maximizing everyone’s limitless potential. His latest project includes the Healing Centered conversations Podcast (everyone check it out and subscribe!), where he gives listeners the insight to promote collective healing by putting people first, leading with empathy, and fostering a healthy sense of well-being through meaningful conversations.