Webinar Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation

The year 2002 could be considered the beginning of the “digital age”, when worldwide digital storage capacity first overtook total analog capacity. In the two decades since then, digital data has been growing at a tremendous rate: last year, about 1.7 megabytes of new information were created every second for every person on the planet. Knowledge management has been forced to evolve quickly to adapt to this excess of data.

Overview The webinar will:
• examine the phenomenon of big data
• identify the key challenges of big data
• explore how the practice of knowledge management has adapted to the age of big data
• examine the COVID-19 case study.

Objectives • The objectives of the webinar are to:
• understand the challenges that knowledge management professionals face
• evaluate options for addressing those challenges
• develop solutions for knowledge management to address current and emerging challenges.

Mr. Scott Leeb
Engagement Director, Senior Consultant, and Knowledge Management Subject Matter Expert @Iknow LLC
• Created and ran the global knowledge function at four Fortune 500 companies and a leading international philanthropy
• Worked with government organizations in Saudi Arabia to build their knowledge capabilities
• Previously worked in the government, private-sector, and not-for-profit spaces.
Target Audience
• Business leaders interested in knowledge management
• Knowledge management specialists interested in best-practice applications