Webinar: Supporting A Human-Centered Approach to Change and Transformation

Presented by Lindsey Messervy, Mad*Pow Senior Organization Designer.

You can view Lindsey’s slides at https://bit.ly/3mrNwjG

With the onset of COVID-19, organizations have had to react in unprecedented ways to manage changes to their operations, workflow, and culture. Now as we reach a sort of leveling – coming out of crisis mode and into a longer-term outlook – we can begin to explore more proactive and intentional approaches to managing these changes.

As our employees continue to navigate work/life balance issues, physical and mental health conditions, and varying comfort with coming back to the office – it’s critical to approach these organizational changes with empathy and compassion for the unique circumstances our employees are managing. To that end, how might we encourage a more human-centered, adaptable and sustainable approach to supporting changes to the way we work and operate?

This webinar explores how we can apply the principles of human-centered design – through stories and examples – to the employee experience in order to facilitate emergent organizational change and transformation.