What is Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Visual Thinking and Meeting MasterMind Modelling


This video details one of my services “Meeting MasterMind Modelling” that I Paul Telling, Creative Communications Creator and Graphic Facilitator can do for you. Helping you have Presentations that are Powerful, Meetings that are Magic and Speeches that are Spectacular!

This is a powerful offering of REALTIME graphic scribing or mindmapping on paper or a whiteboard. Something both you and your audience can enjoy and learn from.

I Paul Telling want to TRANSFORM your documents, speeches or presentations into VISUALLY ENGAGING, CONCISE, UNIQUE communications that IMPRESS your audience and SAVE YOU time and money. Allowing YOU to spend MORE time doing business. With many years experience in visual thinking, graphic facilitation and design, I’m your ONE STOP SHOP for all your communication needs. Telling Sells!

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