What is Systems Thinking ?

In this video, we are introducing what is Systems Thinking, Systems Dynamics or Systems Analysis.
0:00 Introduction
0:23 What is Systems Thinking?
3:58 Why do we use it?
4:58 Where to use it?
5:48 What are the Benefits?

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What is a system?
A system is a set of things—people, cells, molecules, or whatever—interconnected in such a way that they produce their own pattern of behavior over time.”
― Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems: A Primer

When Should We Use Systems Thinking?
Problems that are ideal for a systems thinking intervention have the following characteristics:
• The issue is important.
• The problem is chronic, not a one-time event.
• The problem is familiar and has a known history.
• People have unsuccessfully tried to solve the problem before.

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