What is Visual Thinking with Mind Mapping?

Simplicity in communication is at the core of your professional success. Your ability to put your point across in a simple, succinct way that can be easily understood by your audience can be the difference between having a seat at the table or not.

The Visual Thinking with Mind Mapping Workshop combines two powerful concepts and gives you a potent tool that if utilized well, can make a big difference in your personal and professional growth.

Visual Thinking helps break down complex problems, sparks creativity, encourages teams to build on each other’s ideas and work together collaboratively in arriving at some innovative solutions.

Mind Mapping helps Visual Thinking come alive. Mind Mapping helps connect the dots that make the entire creative process burst out radiantly in a synergetic way.

What you’ll learn
• Visual Clarity – Start seeing and expressing things visually through drawings
• Visual Thinking – Drawing is thinking with the mind’s eye, we all think visually
• Learn to Draw – with the World’s fastest class in Drawing
• Learn Mind Mapping – a breakthrough creative thinking tool
• Understand the science behind the concept
• Organise – learn to organize your thoughts, ideas, and objectives using mind maps
• Plan – Learn how to plan an event, a speech, a business or marketing plan using mind maps
• Think differently – Visual Thinking combined with Mind Mapping helps you approach the problem through multiple perspectives, instead of just a linear thinking approach